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What is plating? I think plating is the "crystallization of technologies" at its most basic. Plating technologies and plating films are the fruits born by chemical, metallurgical, electrical, engineering, mechanical, control, human, and all other technologies joining together, overlapping, and blending.


Our slogan is "Let's provide every customer with 'supreme plating services'!" The plating industry is work to preserve the customer's important products, "plate" them and then return them to the customer. "Plating services" are what we can do while preserving their products, centering on technological capabilities and including the strengths of quality, quality assurance, on-time delivery, environmental responsiveness, and cost reduction. Our work is to improve plating services needed by each customer day to day and deliver the highest-quality plating services to each customer.


Plating technologies are fundamental technologies necessary for various industries, and are used across a wide range of fields, such as aircraft, automobiles, medical equipment, and digital home electric appliances. None of them can function without plating. Recently, such a technology as making "things" themselves by applying wet-plating processes has also been developed at cutting-edge research laboratories mainly in the world of nanotechnology. We take pride in our work that is extremely useful to society as long as full consideration is given to the environment. I hope that we will continue being a company helpful to society and needed by society.


Keitaro Namba
President, OM Sangyo Co., Ltd.