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Rules and regulations

1. Company creed
  • - Positive fighting spirit
  • - Promotion of scientific rationality
  • - Consensus and faith
  • - Enhancement of cost awareness
  • - Development of originality and ingenuity
2. Management philosophy
  • - Enterprise trusted by customers, shareholders, and employees
  • - Enterprise having uniqueness with a progressive spirit
  • - Enterprise useful to communities
3. Boundless KAKKICHO
  • - To be an energetic company full of vitality
  • - To be a company with everyone and every type of work full of joy
  • - To be a company that challenges and keeps on challenging high goals
4. OM employees
  • OM Group members should make it a principle to be honest and industrious, hone their skills day to day aiming to create a technology-oriented company, and finish up diligently.
  • They should always keep not only training necessary for work, such as techniques and management, but also enhancement of humanity and dignity in mind.
  • They should place importance on consideration to and gratitude for people around them: Appreciation for giving birth and appreciation for bringing up.
  • They should be colleagues who speak honestly with each other, and family members who can say "Good morning" as if nothing has happened on the next morning even after a hot debate: Do not get over with saying "Who cares?"
  • They should take good care of in-house events and recreation, and have fun together.
  • They should take on challenges without being afraid of failure.
5. Good customs
  • Start with greetings and end with greetings: (Stand up), attention, bow; Thank you very much for your help.
  • Assemble three minutes before a meeting, attend it after being well-prepared, and finish within one hour.
  • Carry out officious communications by "HoRenSo (Report, Contact and Consult)" so as to be open to each other.
  • Kotsu-kotsu (diligence) plus speed!!
  • Work humbly and treasure "connections."
  • Do immediately, make sure to do, and do until done.
  • Start from style, change behavior, and create forms.
  • Make an exact end one by one.
6. Plating industry
  • The plating industry is a service business. - Let's provide every customer with "supreme plating services." -
  • It is work to preserve the customer's important products, "plate" them and then return them to the customer.
  • What is valuable to the customer (added value) is "plating film."
  • "Plating services" are what we can do while preserving products, centering on technological capabilities and including the strengths of quality, quality assurance for assuring technologies and quality, development, on-time delivery, cost reduction, response to customers, environmental responsiveness, and so on.
  • Our work is to improve and keep on improving plating services.
7. Safety
  • Safety is the foundation for everything, and the highest priority should be given to it.
  • Protect yourself!
  • Everyone should exercise care so that the workplace is always safe, and make improvements in unsafe places and unsafe behavior.
  • Protecting the safety of subordinates is one of superiors' duties.
  • Make immediate improvements.
8. Environmental and social contributions
  • Environmental conservation is a duty of the plating industry, and no environmental problems should occur.
  • Without forgetting that we are kept alive by communities, make efforts for contribution and repayment.
  • Create a company in which we can be vigorous and healthy while working.
9. Environmental improvement
  • As sensei Shinzo Mori said, "Let's clean up, exercise courtesy, and be punctual."
  • "Seiri (sorting)" means to eliminate things not required.
  • "Seiton (setting-in-order)" means that everything is always ready to use in place, and the place is easily accessible to anyone. Perform fixed-item, fixed-quantity, and fixed-position control thoroughly.
  • "Seiso (shining)" means a condition in which fingers are clear of dust and dirt when touching something.
  • "Environmental improvement" means to create and prepare an easy-to-work environment. It is an activity to make "people who notice" through cleaning. It is an activity to create a company that customers think they want to work at or want to place an order with.
  • Bring shapes and orientations into alignment, so that minds are brought into alignment.
10. Quality
  • Producing good products with good plating is most economical.
  • In the case of a complaint, quickly visit the customer to apologize and listen to what the customer is saying. Complaints are a gold mine.
  • Good products are taken as a matter of course. Make improvements in order to always deliver 100% good products to the post-process (customer).
  • Make sure to find defects with the first shot, and do not let them out of the company, and prevent them from occurring on a consecutive basis.
  • Perform reinspection and screening within two days by the next day.
  • Submit written defect measures to the customer within one week.
11. Production
  • It is the only action to generate profits.
  • Perform production free of unreasonableness, waste and inconsistency.
  • Upon discovering any defect, stop the line. Do not stop the line in other cases.
  • Delivery time is to be decided by customer. Give a good response.
12. Development and technologies
  • Plating is the "crystallization of technologies," such as chemical, metallurgical, electrical, engineering, mechanical, control, analytical, management, know-how, human, and all the other technologies.
  • Contribute to the world.
  • Bread and butter for tomorrow.
13. Making profits
  • One of the main purposes of a company is to pursue profits. Earning profits properly protects the employees' livelihood, and opens up the future of the company.
  • Gain reasonable profits by following a law-abiding spirit and doing the right thing.
  • Production volume is to be decided by customers. Strive to realize the greatest profit from a given amount of production.