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Internal commitments
OMS Awards

"OMS Awards" honor every worker's achievements.
"The Man of OMS trophy" is presented to the person who has played the most active role within OM Sangyo.

Development of human resources

It is desired not only to provide learning opportunities to obtain knowledge and improve techniques as professionals but also cultivate humanity and dignity.

[Development of human resources]
Reading rules and regulations, thanks card (expression of gratitude), monthly personal objectives, etc.
[Plating technologies]
Attending plating schools, earning PhDs and other qualifications, studying at graduate schools and overseas research institutions, etc.
[Improvement activities]
Objectives management, TPM activities, environmental improvement, Toyota Production System Workshop, etc.

In-house and group publications

In addition to "OMS.yom" to share in-house news with employees, group journals "OKAME" are published.

Commitments in communities
Cleanup activities

We have continued cleanup activities within and around our company's premises by allotting about 30 minutes before the start of two business days a week for more than 10 years.

Factory visits by employees' families

Employees' families, who are people from the closest community, are allowed to see how employees are doing their best at work, so that an understanding of plating is deepened at the same time.

Invitation to elementary school students

Our factory tours are organized as part of elementary school students' field trips. When plating is demonstrated, they shout with pleasure, "Plating is magic♪"

Regional activation by the power of sports

We are an official sponsor of a football club based in Okayama under the slogan "Let children have dreams!"