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Palladium plating

Palladium (Pd)is one of six platinum-group metals [platinum (Pt), rhodium (Rh), ruthenium (Ru), iridium (Ir), osmium (Os), and Pd]. While all are expensive metals, the catalyst characteristics, electrical conductivity (contact), and hydrogen storage properties of palladium are functions unique to the platinum-group metals.
Type of plating Features Characteristic value
Palladium (Pd) plating - Palladium is used as catalytically active (noble metal catalyst) plating indispensable for plating of ceramics and plastics.

- With its catalyst activity being too strong, airborne organic substances become polymers, causing contamination of contacts.

- Application as a hydrogen gas purification film
Impurity gasses in hydrogen gas are removed by using the hydrogen permeability of palladium plating. (Role as a hydrogen gas filtration membrane)
Palladium plating