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Electroless nickel-boron plating

Excelling in solderability and bondability in comparison to electroless nickel-phosphorus plating, electroless nickel-boron plating is used for electronic parts.
Type of plating Features (characteristic value)
Electroless nickel-boron - Having good solder wettability and bondability, but inferior corrosion resistance in comparison to electroless nickel-phosphorus plating.
- Ceramic substrates and IC packages
Pb-freeGreen mark
Adoption examples
Electroless nickel-boron plating
Nickel-boron binary phase diagram
  Electroless nickel-phosphorus Electroless nickel-boron
Alloy composition of plating film 2 – 13 P wt%
Amorphous (crystallized by heat treatment)
0.3 – 1 B wt%
Hardness (as-plated) 500~700 700~800
Magnetism Non-magnetic (phosphorus 10% or more)
Magnetic (phosphorus under 10%)
Strongly magnetic
Internal stress Low compressive stress – tensile stress High tensile stress
Solderability Normal Good
Corrosion resistance and chemical resistance Excellent Normal